Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. Thanks to this, many business owners are hesitant about hiring one. However, what many business owners do not realize is that nearly all businesses depend on lawyers regularly to keep them from running into legal trouble. Not having a law firm on retainer can be bad news for your business. If you are a trucking company, here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a law firm:

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1.      They Handle Vehicle Accidents

In the U.S. each year, there are thousands of jackknife truck accidents. Knowing how to deal with these accidents can be difficult. This is where a law firm comes in. A lawyer will represent your company if an accident occurs.

2.      Commercial Vehicle Damage Claims

It is important to remember that insurance companies, more often than not, are not on your side. Hiring a law firm will ensure that your business always gets a fair settlement for its losses.

3.      They Understand Labor Laws

State and federal laws heavily regulate truck drivers and labor laws. Your labor force is your business’s most important and valuable asset. If you want your business to remain lawful, it is a good idea to employ a law firm to manage this aspect of the business for you.

4.      They Will Help You to Create Legal Contracts

Contracts matter in business. They control the formal business relationships that you share. Not only will a law firm help you to create contracts, but they will also update them as the governing laws change over time.

5.      They Will Represent You in Court

Another great reason why trucking companies need a law firm on retainer is that it can help you to prepare for court. Not only that, but many of them will also appear on your behalf. They will also offer ongoing advice and counsel to protect the rights of your business.

6.      They Will Defend You in Public Transportation Cases

You may already be aware that public transportation cases follow a completely different set of laws than other trucking matters. A law firm will help to ensure that your business meets all its deadlines, notification requirements, and other issues related to tort law.

7.      They Will Help You to Remain FMSCA and DOT Compliant

Lots of trucking companies find federal laws difficult to interpret and understand. This is where a law firm can help. They will help you to interpret the intricate federal laws while also overseeing your compliance measures.

8.      They Will Help You with Any Legal Issues You May Have

Trucking companies often have legal issues related to compliance alone. In order for your trucking company to thrive, you will need to have a counsel that you can contact whenever you need to.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why trucking companies need a law firm on retainer. No matter what your business size, a law firm is your best chance of staying in business while lessening your exposure to high legal risks.