Green Card Lawyer

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A green card is an important piece of documentation for someone who wants to legally stay in the United States. But, what exactly is a green card, and why are you going to need a lawyer to help you with your green card?

What is a Green Card?

A green card is a type of document that allows you to legally stay in the United States on a permanent basis. Also referred to as a permanent resident card, a green card allows you to both live and work in the country. The application process for a green card can be complicated, though, with the process changing depending on your individual situation.

How a Lawyer Can Help You With Your Green Card?

Since everyone’s situation when approaching a green card is unique, and there is a lot of paperwork involved in the process, it’s likely not something that you will be able to manage alone. However, a lawyer who is trained and specializes in green cards or immigration law can work with you through the process, making sure that it goes as smoothly as possible for you.

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