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In over 85% of all personal injury claims the result will be an out of court settlement which will award a certain amount of compensation to the victim. What we most often see here is that victims will not be awarded anywhere near the maximum amount of compensation which they could get if they were to take the case to court. With this in mind, we are going to take a look today at why exactly your accident lawyer will look to settle the case out of court, and how exactly the victim benefits from receiving less than they potentially could.

Here is exactly why most cases are settled out of court.

Benefits For The Client 

One of the main reasons why the client is going to be prepared to accept an offer from the insurance company on the other side of their case, is that it is easier than if the case were to go to court. The large majority of victims don’t even want to pursue this kind of case, so the last thing that they want is a case which continues to drag on, and which is going to cause them more stress and worry. The focus for these victims is making sure that their health is in good shape, and this is why they will take any good quality offer which is made.

Benefits For The Accident Attorney 

It is also in the best interests of the accident attorney to have the case settled in this way, because it means that they can add it to the win column and move on. There are so many accident claims out there that resolving them quickly is always going to be the aim, as long as they can get their clients what they want. Assuming that the offer is somewhere close to what the attorney is trying to get, they will be more than happy to present it to their client. This also means that they can consider the case as being won, and that in turn can help their reputation.

Benefits For The Insurance Company 

These cases are most often against the insurance company which represents the liable party in a personal injury claim. This is also in their best interest because of the fact that they are going to be able to settle on an amount which is less than they may have to pay out if they lose in court. Additionally whilst we may see the accident attorney recoup their costs from the compensation which is awarded, this is not the case for the other side, and court cases are costly. Whilst the insurance company may still look to pay out as little as they can, they understand very well that in making a good offer and eventually settling, it is going to be the best outcome for them.

This is why we see such a high volume of personal injury cases which are resolved in this way.