3D printing technology

3D printing has numerous uses for literally all industries. This includes the work of attorneys. Law firms from all around the world can take full advantage of 3D printing and we do expect more options to be available in the future. Whether you do work as a workers comp lawyer for warehouse workers Hazleton, PA or you simply perform civil law activities, here are some ways in which you will take advantage of the technology.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

With 3D printing, you can create exact scale models for practically anything you want to. This is something that has huge applications in presentations, especially during trials. With the use of the models, you can show what happened and even test things that you believe were wrong.

3D models can show topography and even weather conditions. You can see things like proximity and more in a way that is much more effective than several other things.

Forensic Anatomic Models

It is not easy to present anatomic information you obtain from post mortem or antemortem scans, or even from physical human remains. This is especially the case when talking about children who had something really bad happen to them. Showing something like this in court can be quite disturbing. It is just so much easier to show it with the use of 3D printed models.

Attorneys started to use 3D models to avoid having to directly present potentially gruesome pictures. At the same time, the models can relay really important information about what happened. Models manage to show in ways pictures cannot. As an example, showing an image of a violent crime with a lot of blood can be disastrous in a trial since it would shock the jury. With the 3D model, everything is simpler and the attorney can focus on the facts while presenting details during a deposition.

Reconstructing Destroyed Evidence

There is just so much evidence that ends up being destroyed due to several different problems that can appear in time. 3D printing technology can use something as simple as tool mark impressions to recreate a murder weapon. This does have a huge impact in cases. With advanced photogrammetry software, accurate and dense surface models are easily created. And the 3D model will be an exact replica of something important for the case, like a footprint.

We should also highlight how useful 3D printing can be in vehicle accidents. Photographs are not enough for a really good investigation. Law enforcement personnel can use laser scanners in order to scan everything at the scene. This would create a truly accurate visualization of what happened.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, attorneys need technology and should embrace it in order to make their cases stronger. They have to prove what happened in order to properly represent their clients. This is why it is so important to use things like 3D printing whenever possible. See if you can make your case stronger with the use of the models and see if they are useful for any legal purpose. You will be surprised to see this.