Selection Candidates

Tips for Successfully Interviewing Candidates for Employee Selection : The success or failure of the job interview stage does not only depend on the employee candidate. As HRD or interviewer you also play a role. For that, you must know how to interview job candidates well so that the interview can be successful.

There are two parties involved in conducting interviewing Candidates. When you assess which candidates deserve to be accepted, the candidate actually assesses whether the company he is applying for is worthy of being a place to pursue a career. Therefore, as an interviewer you must be able to carry the good name of the profession and the company.

Well, in order to achieve the above goals, there are several things you should pay attention to when interviewing employee candidates.
Job Interview Preparation

Before entering the job interview room, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself. Be sure to understand well the job description and the requirements for each position the company offers.

Also set the criteria for candidates who can pass. Skills and abilities are the main thing. But, of course, you also have to pay attention to the personality and character of the candidate, right?

In addition, when reading a CV or resume, it’s a good idea to understand the candidate’s personal data, abilities, achievements and experience.

How to Interview Candidates?

1. Determine What You Are Looking For in a Candidate

Of course we already understand the company’s needs as well as detailed job descriptions & specifications that will and must be fulfilled by a candidate. Conduct interviews with the aim of finding that in your candidate. As a tip, maybe you can search by choosing keywords such as ‘natural leadership’.

2. Study the Candidate’s CV Before Interview

No less important, carefully study your candidate’s CV before the interview process begins. Just a tip, position yourself as a candidate to understand the background of his working experience and you will know what information you need to dig up later.

3. Structure Constant Questions

Sometimes in one interview session, there is more than one person who will interview. In addition to recruitment staff, prospective users or team peers will usually be included in the interview process. Some experts say that because it has been determined what kind of candidate criteria the company wants, it is better for interviewers to make a systematic default question structure to make it easier for the recruiting team to compare interview results.

4. Explain the Job Description & Job Specification

To ensure that candidates come to interview for the right position, let’s once again explain the job description & specifications of the position we are opening.

5. A Job Interview Is Not An Interrogation

A good job interview is to gather information through conversation that progresses from topic to relevant topic, not in the form of monotonous question and answer and seems like an interrogation.

For new recruiters, maybe this part is one of the difficult parts to do because of nervousness. Therefore, preparing questions and practicing as often as possible before the interview takes place is one of the tips that you can try.

6. Explain the Interview Process Flow in Detail

Explain the interview process flow to the candidate in as much detail as possible. If the person you call for an interview is a good candidate, chances are he or she has proceedings elsewhere at that time. Provide clarity regarding the procedure, timeline, and parties that will have an impact on the results of the interview later.

7. Do a Second Interview and Test

The second interview serves to confirm the company’s assessment, or if necessary meet with top management.
Also do psychological tests or tests related to the job description to assess the candidate’s ability!

8. Always Maintain Communication with Candidates

A good recruiter should always keep the latest updates on the ongoing recruitment process. Likewise, the candidate must appreciate the recruiter who has taken the time to conduct the interview process. Communication is also important to keep companies from losing their best candidates.

If the company decides to invite a candidate to join, don’t forget to convey the offer with positive enthusiasm!

What Things to Look For New Recruiters?

As with new employees in general, new recruiters still lack experience even though they may already be rich in theory. Basically, constantly learning and seeking experience without stopping is the most basic way that can make new recruiters become reliable and experienced recruiters in a short span of time.

Professionalism During Interview

Professionalism must be owned by every interviewer. Because, in addition to determining the success of a job interview, you are actually bringing the company’s good name in the public eye.

It’s good to come on time. There’s nothing wrong with asking if the candidate is having trouble finding an interview location. In addition, offer drinking water if available.

Before the interview, give a brief description of the company and the job positions offered. In addition, state the reasons why the company is the right place to pursue a career.

Do This When Interviewing Candidates

If needed, you can convey the order of events or the agenda of the interview before the interview begins. This is necessary so that the candidate can focus while undergoing it.

During the interview, ask questions to find out the candidate’s attitude and personality. The questions asked should also be able to explore the candidate’s response if they are experiencing problems. In addition, also find out whether the candidate has a good fit with the company culture.

In addition to the answers, you can find out some of the things above through appearance and body language.

During the interview, try not to dominate the conversation. It would be better if the candidate spoke more. But keep in mind that the interview is a two-way conversation, not an investigation.

Thanking Candidates

After the interview is complete, thank the candidate for taking the time to attend the interview. Also provide any other necessary information.

Next, it’s a good idea to share the results of the interview with the candidate. Whether the candidate is accepted or not. If accepted, next step is to check references and provide further information regarding the stages of employee selection carried out.