The Top Process Automation Solutions for Manufacturing

Process Automation Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled the following list to spotlight some of the top process automation solutions for manufacturing companies to consider.

Organizations across the manufacturing industries have to manage a tremendous amount of data, workflows, schedules, and processes. As a result, manufacturing companies should consider working with one of the many process automation platforms in the market, including Digital Process Automation (DPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions. With that in mind, the Solutions Review editors have compiled a list of top-rated process automation solutions for manufacturing companies to consider working with.

However, choosing the best digital process automation solutions can be complicated. It requires in-depth research and often comes down to more than just the solution and its technical capabilities. Our editors have profiled some of the best process automation solutions for manufacturing companies to make your search a little easier. The editors have listed the companies in alphabetical order.

The Top Process Automation Solutions for Manufacturing Companies


Description: Bizagi is a leader in digital business process automation software. The company’s primary solution is an iBPMS that offers execution on .NET and Java Platform Enterprise Edition. In addition to this, the vendor offers three tiers of solutions, including Bizagi Engine, Bizagi Studio, and Bizagi Modeler. Bizagi’s process automation functionalities can help manufacturers streamline their operations with an agile cloud platform. Manufacturers can use Bizagi to automate workflows, reduce time to market, maintain quality assurance, connect people and systems across the value chain, increase visibility into every stage of the production process, and more.


Description: Bonitasoft develops BPM software for developers to build business applications that adapt to real-time changes, UI updates, and more. With Bonitasoft, users can automate, model, and monitor business processes to streamline operations. Manufacturers can use Bonitasoft to monitor and manage potential issues, remain compliant with legal and regulatory changes, and more. Functionalities include supply chain management, quality assurance, documents management, sales, product management, and end-to-end corporate process management.

BP Logix

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Description: BP Logix’s Process Director is a complete BPM solution with workflow, case management, and business process automation software capabilities. These features enable IT and business users to create robust business process management and workflow solutions to address various business challenges. With its manufacturing workflow software solution, BP Logix provides manufacturers with a suite of digital process automation features. These include document management, advanced workflow management, business process governance, regulatory BPM compliance tools, quality assurance, and knowledge management.


Description: FlowForma offers no-code workflow automation tools that provide business experts with low entry costs and rapid process development. An award-winning Microsoft Office 365® app, FlowForma Process Automation, can help the manufacturing sector drive efficiencies, ensure compliance, accelerate innovations, empower decision-makers, follow LEAN principles, and more. Capabilities include product lifecycle management, customer onboarding, quality control, supply chain management, compliance automation, incident management, collaboration tools for external partners, and contract management.


Description: Nintex offers IPA solutions that strip business inefficiencies and replace them with seamless, sophisticated processes. The easy-to-use, no-code platform, Nintex Workflow Cloud®, allows users to connect with all content repositories, systems of record, and people. Manufacturing companies can use Nintex’s process management and automation functionalities to digitize their processes, improve supplier operations, increase compliance, improve efficiency at production facilities, streamline equipment inspections, accelerate purchase-to-pay cycles, and more.


Description: Pega offers a Business Process Management tool developed on Java and OOP concepts. The platform allows users to assemble an executable business application using visual tools. Pega has an extensive history of developing applications that offer daily sales, marketing, and support services. Pega’s product suite includes “industrial-strength” solutions to help manufacturers transform outdated and legacy systems, operations, and experiences with better workflows, processes, and services. Pega’s manufacturing solutions can be tailored to automotive, high-tech, industrial, and captive finance needs.


Description: ProcessMaker is a low-code BPM and enterprise digital process automation platform. Its BPM offerings are known for their ease of use and customizability and offer a collection of features for designing, running, improving, and reporting on company processes. ProcessMaker’s platform can automate and optimize manufacturing operations with industry-specific tools. These tools cover quote automation, service management, security incident reporting, purchase requisitions, work order management, capital expense requests, contract management, and more.


Quixy - logo

Description: Quixy is a cloud-based, user-friendly digital transformation platform designed to help business users build unlimited enterprise-grade applications with a simple, code-free, drag-and-drop design. Alongside Quixy’s business process management and automation functionalities, manufacturing companies can utilize Quixy’s no-code solution to mitigate risks and boost productivity across operations. Specific features include inventory management, factory inspection tools, asset management, compliance tracking, procurement management, incident reporting, customer management automation, purchase ledger process automation, shop floor management, and more.


Description: TrackVia is a user-friendly offering often viewed as an alternative to many traditional BPM platforms. TrackVia’s low-code platform allows users to quickly assemble applications to match their unique business processes without extensive IT assistance or coding knowledge. TrackVia provides real-time reports, interactive charts, intelligent charts, intelligent automation, and user permissions. Manufacturers can use the platform’s capabilities to experience improved, real-time decision-making, automate manufacturing processes, increase compliance, decrease costs, make better products, improve operation visibility, and resolve bottlenecks.


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Description: The UiPath RPA Platform allows anyone in an organization to build and use robots. Developers with more experience can use a rich development environment, while citizen developers can automate simple, day-to-day tasks for themselves and their team with StudioX. The company’s manufacturing automation solutions can help organizations drive revenue, increase productivity, and improve processes across their value chain. Industry-specific features include supply chain management, customer engagement, employee empowerment, automated bills of material (BOM) management, production management, and more.


Description: WEBCON is a software provider that offers an enterprise-grade and low-code business process automation and management platform to help companies worldwide improve efficiencies, streamline processes, and drive overall business growth. With WEBCON’s solution, manufacturing companies can automate processes to increase productivity, optimize product development cycles, ensure quality maintenance, improve supply chain management, and maintain safety at production facilities. Industry-specific tools cover contract management, digital work instructions, warehouse traffic management, and product-related data reports.

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