Rotary Vane Pump

The Operating Principle Of A Rotary Vane Pump

A kind of pump technology that allows the compression of air in the pump compartment to create suction for the elimination of air molecules from an area or vessel is called a rotary vane pump. It works on a positive-displacement principle. The design consists of a rotor that is mounted unconventionally in a cylindrical stator or housing.

Blades that are mounted in the motor move in and out, as a result of centrifugal force following the internal surface of the housing.

Working Principle

The following is a general idea of the operating principle for oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump. Keep in mind that every pump is based on very similar standard components. Based on the model, size, or design of a rotary vane pump, there are further dissimilar components.

  • Pressure boost by volume drop is the principle behind rotary vane function. The whole cylinder housing soaked with a film of oil on which the blades sprint just about without any wear.
  • The oil lubrication is created entirely by the differential pressure of the oil separator housing and the housing. This is attained through several oil pipes amid the housings.
  • In a cylindrical housing, a rotor is placed eccentrically so that it is one of the top almost touching the cylinder. The blades are pressed on the wall of the housing by centrifugal force and generate three diverse compartments that capture the air.
  • When the 1st compartment is opened, the air flows through the suction projection into the compression compartment.
  • While the rotor rotates, the next blade closes this compartment (and opens directly the next one). At this point, the space between the blades has achieved its maximum air volume.
  • The gas oil blend gets compressed by volume drop and chows down into the oil separator housing.
  • A few pump models have also got outlet valves that prevent the backflow of released air when the utmost pressure has been reached or the pump is turned off.

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