September 30, 2022


Just Do It

How Law Firms Can Improve Service

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One aspect of running a law firm which can often be a polarizing subject is making money. Whilst it would of course be ideal if all lawyers sought for was justice, the reality is very different. In fact without the ability to actually make money, so many law firms would not even be able to operate, which his why profits do in fact help the greater good. There is however much that law firms can do when it comes to service, which is what we are going to focus on today.

From truck accident lawyers to those specializing in closing mega-millions contracts, all lawyers and firms can do better with service, and here are some tips on doing just that.

Understanding From Perspective of Your Client 

The world of laws, judges, courts and documentation may be the norm for law firms but it is not for the client, and it is imperative that law firms do more to really understand things from their perspective. Clients, depending on the case, may be scared, overwhelmed, nervous, angry and confused, which is why lawyers have to show that they understand where they are coming from.

Heavy Focus on First Contact 

On average less than 10% of clients get to speak to a lawyer on their first contact with a law firm, instead being channeled through the secretaries to help them with their concerns. This is something which law firms should no longer expect, and it is a surefire way to disappoint clients. Lawyers may be busy but that doesn’t mean that they all are when a client calls.

Attention to Detail 

Lawyers are trained in paying attention to every single detail, and this is how cases are won and lost. What they are not great at however is making sure that they pay attention to all of the details with regards to their clients, despite how important it is. A missed call here, a change in an appointment there, a messy office, all of these are important to clients and it is why more law firms should look to ensure that they are focussed on the finer points of representing them,.

Explaining Situations 

An age-old issue which so many lawyers have is that they don’t fully explain situations to their clients. This is often because they think that the client wouldn’t understand, but the reality is that the more information they get the more confident they will feel. We can’t assume to know how well the client will understand us, and we should instead be looking to give them the truth about where their situation sits, no matter how well it lands. After all, clients can always ask questions if they are unsure of something.

These are minor changes which law firms will have to make, but in return they are going to have clients who are much happier and who are more likely to use their services again in the future.