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Law firms are often considered traditional in their approach to business but those which wish to succeed must also have an eye on operating in the now. In particular we are referring to the need which law firms have when it comes to their online presence, and blogging can be a great way for them to benefit from the digital world. There are so many benefits which law firms can count on when they start blogging, and here are just some examples.

Boosting Organic Traffic 

When clients wish to find a law firm they will usually hit the search engine and write keywords such as ‘personal injury attorney near me’. In order for your site to feature high up the search rankings for that kind of term, it is essential that it has a solid online presence. Whilst blogging will not guarantee that the law firm hits the top of the list of rankings, it can certainly help.

Showing The Human Side

Blogging is much different than creating a business website, because it opens up a two-way conversation between the firm and its readers. What blogging essentially does is help the law firm to create a human presence, showing the behind the scenes operations of the firm. Through the blog you can share updates, case files, introduce the personnel and generally show much more to the firm than just a great looking homepage.

Social Media Help 

It is important that all firms are using social media in order to boost their following and their online presence, which can in turn see them increase the number of clients which come their way. What law firms can do when they have a blog is share their content from the blog on their social media channels. This establishes credibility and it will greatly help with the online reputation which the firm has.

Encouraging Clients 

Ultimately any actions like this which a law firm takes should be done with the interest of attracting more clients to the business. Blogging is a great way of doing this and it has been proven time and time again. Your clients will be able to get a fuller understanding of what you are about and that is going to encourage them to contact you and work with you.

Breeding Loyalty 

Loyalty is tough to come by in the world of law, mainly because not everyone is likely to need legal representation more than once or twice. Through blogging however, you can keep giving updates those clients who you have worked with before, and should they need further assistance they are going to be highly likely to come back.

Blogging is a very simple yet effective marketing tool which more law firms should be looking to use. Given the low cost of blogging, this is also an effective way of attracting more clients, without  the need for a major investment of time or money.