Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is possible on the international P2P marketplace Bitpapa. The trades are conducted between two peers, with Bitpapa providing execution assurance by keeping the seller’s coins in escrow until the trade is finished.


  • Numerous payment options-

Select the payment option that is available in the area to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

  • Trading with no commission-

No commission is taken when one opens a safe transaction and makes internal transfers. The company solely collects fees from ad owners.

  • The practical and handy Telegram bot-

Bitpapa BOT gives everything from a user-friendly interface designed exclusively for quick and secure exchanges.

  • Each transaction is safeguarded.

Every transaction is completed using an individual escrow account.

  • Protective wallet

A method to send, store, and receive USDT, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

One can use mobile devices to access all marketplace and wallet functions.

The Bitpapa website’s user-friendly layout means no specialized knowledge is needed to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies. Our support team is readily available around-the-clock and ready to assist the customer in any situation if she has any questions.

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Bitpapa makes buying bitcoin easy and secure. One can access a free multi-currency crypto wallet after completing the registration process. Sign in if you already have an account.

How does one purchase bitcoin with Bitpapa?

Please go to the Buy area after logging in, input the desired amount, choose your favorite currency and payment method, and then let Bitpapa choose the best offers from vendors instantaneously. Choose the offer that best meets your needs from the offer list, then clicks on Buy.

How may a transaction be opened?

Select the Send a trade request button after entering the quantity you wish to purchase and selecting “I Accept” from the seller’s terms. After the request is sent, the seller’s balance of the specified amount of bitcoin will be moved to an escrow account that is inaccessible to him, guaranteeing the transaction’s complete security.

How will the trade be paid for?

After following the seller’s instructions in the trade conversation, complete the transaction by clicking Payment sent.

If already paid, how soon will the bitcoin be received?

The sum will be released into the Bitpapa wallet after the seller confirms the payment. The bitcoin one purchased is now instantly usable for any transaction. One can transfer it to other wallets and services or sell it.

Want to understand the trade procedure in detail? Please watch the Bitcoin buying tutorial video. Similar procedures apply for purchasing other cryptocurrencies on Bitpapa.

Bitpapa aims to provide users with a straightforward and welcoming environment where they may trade cryptocurrencies.

All transactions on the platform take place in a P2P marketplace between members. Without the involvement of a third party, one can purchase or trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, and others.

To trade cryptocurrencies, one can use specialized knowledge. One can trade cryptocurrencies on Bitpapa utilizing hundreds of well-liked payment options. Send a message if one can’t find their preferred payment option or if they have any other inquiries. Customer service is ready to assist the customer around the clock.