Las Vegas car accident lawyer


We all use roads in one way or another. It is actually the most common mode of transportation in today’s world. However, boarding a motor vehicle has become stressful and scary due to the high number of accidents reported every day. In the United States, more than 32,00 persons die in car accidents, and another two million are injured each year. The number in Nevada, specifically Las Vegas, is alarming, with around 185 fatal car accidents reported in 2019. The effect of such accidents is felt by individuals, their families, and nations as a whole. The reality of an accident may appear distant until you are part of one. Therefore it is critical to be prepared so that you are not caught off guard. First, you need to understand the causes of car accidents.

Causes of car accidents in Las Vegas

Most causes of car accidents in the United States vary widely from human error and negligence to road defects. According to the American Automobile Association’s Traffic Safety Division, the leading cause is distracted driving. This involves using your phone, eating, grooming, and reading while driving. Drunk driving is the second leading cause of car accidents, followed by over-speeding. In addition to these causes, some specific elements in Las Vegas increase the risks of an accident. Most people visit Las Vegas to experience the world-class entertainment and casinos it has to offer. It is common for alcohol and other substances that impair judgment to be used in these recreation venues. This potentially increases the risk of drunk driving and the probability of causing an accident. As a city that is ever busy 24 hours a day, the possibility of being involved in an accident due to fatigue-driving is also very high. Las Vegas is also known for its busy streets with numerous dangerous intersections and high traffic levels, increasing the chances of getting into an accident.

What to do after you are involved in a car accident

As earlier mention, the road is used by many drivers whose actions are impossible to predict or control. Even the most experienced driver can become frazzled after an accident, but following these actions can help shield you from unnecessary stress. If a car accident happens in Las Vegas, the first step will be to check your well-being and that of your passengers. The next step is to contact a police officer and alert him or her of the accident. Document the accident with the help of the police officer, who will later fill out a car accident report. Do not forget to exchange contact information with the other driver and notify your insurance company of the accident. The last and most important step is seeking legal representation from a Las Vegas car accident lawyer to help you receive your full compensation. The legal procedure of acquiring your compensation can be complicated and time-consuming. Still, with the assistance and supervision of an experienced lawyer with a track record of success in such cases, the procedure can be simple and ensure that your rights are safeguarded.