Building Vermont’s Clean Water Service Provider network

Vermont Business Magazine Starting this summer, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and its partners will implement a piece of landmark legislation, revamping how funding is distributed to clean water project implementers. Vermont’s Clean Water Service Delivery Act (Act 76 of 2019) establishes a decentralized network of entities called “Clean Water Service Providers” who, under advisement of “Basin Water Quality Councils,” will administer Water Quality Restoration Formula Grant funds to project implementers to identify, implement, and maintain clean water projects at a river basin level (eg, the Winooski River basin).

On June 30th, 2022, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm, representatives from DEC and the newly formed Clean Water Service Providers will co-present a public lecture on the process of developing the new funding system and upcoming changes and opportunities under Act 76 of 2019.

“By securing long term funding for clean water projects and providing a new network of localized funders, Act 76’s Water Quality Restoration Formula Grant program lays the groundwork to restore Vermont’s impaired waters,” said Secretary of Natural Resources Julie Moore.

Act 76 of 2019 establishes the Water Quality Restoration Formula Grant program to fund non-regulatory clean water projects—projects not required through existing regulatory programs but essential to restoring water quality. Clean Water Service Providers will allocate funds in partnership with Basin Water Quality Councils and project partners to implement voluntary clean water projects, such as green stormwater management practices, forest best management practices, and river, floodplain, lakeshore, and wetland restoration projects.  Implementing clean water projects across the landscape is critical for reaching pollution reduction goals. Act 76 of 2019 provides funding and support to help realize these goals.

Register for this free online event using this online Form, or at All lectures are recorded and uploaded to DEC’s YouTube Channel 

6.28.2022. Montpelier – Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation