MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sensedia, a global API solutions provider, today announced its expansion to the US market. The Sensedia Platform allows customers to rapidly scale API-centric architectures, enabling digital strategies while addressing major concerns such as security, governance, monetization and developer engagement needs.

Co-founded in 2007 by Kleber Bacili, CEO, and Marcilio Oliveira, Chief of Growth, Sensedia empowers IT integration teams to simplify connecting business systems using global API solutions that unlock core data to accelerate the speed of innovation. Sensedia’s API solutions create tangible results delivered in days versus weeks, differentiating them from traditionally complex, slower and more expensive solutions.

“We’re excited to expand our offerings into the US market and help new clients deliver innovative and improved digital experiences,” said Bacili. “APIs, microservices, and events are the foundation for digital initiatives that prepare businesses for the future. Sensedia offers a full line of services to ensure companies have their integration strategies covered from every angle.”

Sensedia’s strategy will initially focus on its primary area of expertise, the financial services market. Sensedia has a strong presence in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Europe and is well-positioned to become a US leader for API management solutions. As consumers increase demand for digital financial products and services, Sensedia plans to partner with US financial services and insurance verticals to create the necessary ecosystems that drive new products and generate growth.

“IT teams are under-resourced to fully manage their growing inventory of APIs. Sensedia streamlines, manages and automates API operations so teams can uncover issues and trapped data, reduce the risk of oversight, increase the speed of developing new products and processes, and have more time to focus on the strategic approach to digital initiatives rather than the operation,” said Oliveira. “We’re thrilled to offer US customers flexible and secure API solutions designed to align with their business strategies.

Sensedia’s unique understanding of today’s global banking and finance market has garnered the company numerous awards. The company was recently awarded the 2022 SaaS Company of the Year at this year’s Global Business Tech Awards (GBTAs), earning recognition for its impressive portfolio growth, support and investment in people, and how it addressed challenges and served customers during the pandemic. In 2021 Sensedia was named Open Future World’s Most Interesting in Open Finance, Fintech Awards’ Best Open Banking Solutions Provider, and Pan Finance Award’s Banking as a Service Provider of the Year.

A $21 million funding round led by Riverwood Capital in 2021 accelerated this geographic expansion. Sensedia grew revenue 70% in the past year with a CAGR of 105% from ’14 to ’21. The organization has hired 290 additional employees in the first half of 2022, bringing its worldwide team to 846 people from 9 countries in South America, North America and Europe. Sensedia’s senior team brings nearly 170 years of combined industry experience to the organization.

Sensedia also hosts APIX, one of the world’s largest API business events, sharing expertise from global API solution experts on open business connectivity and integration. The 2022 event offers a free online component on June 29, followed by an in-person edition at the World Trade Center São Paulo, Brazil, on June 30.

About Sensedia

Sensedia supports companies to become more digital, connected and open through a technology platform and expertise in APIs and Microservices. Whether aiming to integrate channels, enable partner ecosystems or create modern multi-cloud/hybrid architectures, innovative enterprises rely on Sensedia as a partner in API Management, Microservices, Service-Mesh, Open Banking and enabling rapid legacy integration. More at