how to invest in real estate

Do you want to know how to invest in real estate and get the right price? There are different actions to take, if you want to effectively negotiate the price with a seller so you get the best deal. You should approach it with caution and remember that the seller is also looking for ways to get the best outcome.

Building Trust

The first thing you need to do is to build trust with the seller. Build a friendly and cordial relationship with the seller or realtor who shows you the home. It is not necessary to become best friends in a few minutes, but publicizing something more personal and asking about them is a way for them to see us as people and not as “investors” or “the other side of the negotiation”.

Discover Reason For sale

Although one of the main reasons for selling is price, it may not be the main reason for selling a property. Discover the history of the home, and the reasons for the sale. For example, for some sellers the furniture and junk that are in the house and that they must remove from it for sale is a problem, so including this aspect in the offer can justify a substantial reduction in price. Look for clues and ask questions, as their first answers may not always be the real reason they are selling.

Listen to the Seller

It is best to listen much more than you speak. Even the most experienced people can go through nervousness or tension when negotiating. The natural inclination to fill those moments may be to talk, but you should do more listening and ask questions. Let the other party do the talking because each word can offer clues to a better deal.

Let Someone Else Speak For You

If the selling party perceives you as a real estate investor, a person with money, etc. It can be difficult to get price discounts down to a reasonable price given the premise that you can afford it. Have someone else negotiate on your behalf. Make it clear that your partners, or spouse, or the director of your bank do not allow you to spend more than x amount.


In a negotiation, the most desperate party is usually the one that loses the most, so take each opportunity slowly and tactically. It is not essential to close every offer because there will be many more opportunities. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate everything you need to achieve your goal. After the negotiation, two things can happen: that you reach an agreement at this time or not at all. If not, do not consider it a defeat. In addition, if the result is positive, congratulations, it is the beginning of a (hopefully) successful real estate investment.