5 Hal yang Harus Diketahui Dari Samsung Galaxy Fit e

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galaxy fit e

Samsung dikenal sebagai perusahaan teknologi yang selalu berinovasi. Salah satunya ketika meluncurkan Galaxy Fit e yang merupakan perangkat wearable yang biasa digunakan untuk fitness tracker.

Perangkat ini cocok banget buat kalian yang suka berolahraga. Pada perangkat ini terdapat berbagai fitur menarik yang bisa digunakan untuk pelacak kesehatan. Produk Samsung menjadi pesaing serius bagi produk keluaran Apple dan juga Xiaomi yang sudah lebih dulu dikenalkan ke pasar.

Ketahui 5 Hal Penting Sebelum Membeli Galaxy Fit e

Sebagai konsumen, kalian tentu tidak ingin kecewa setelah membeli sebuah produk. Beberapa hal ini akan membantu kalian mengetahui produk Galaxy Fit e lebih lengkap.

  • Spesifikasi Samsung Galaxy Fit e

Galaxy Fit e memiliki beberapa pilihan warna yakni hitam, putih dan kuning. Sementara layarnya sudah memakai PMOLED 0,77 inci 128 x 64 piksel Monokrom. Dengan layar tersebut, sudah cukup nyaman untuk melihat indikator yang ditampilkan. Untuk dimensinya, tersedia 40,2 mm x 16,0 mm, jadi bisa dibilang lebih kecil dibandingkan Galaxy Fit. Namun beratnya lebih ringan, hanya 15 gram saja.

Alat fitness tracker ini sudah memakai sensor Accelerometer HT Sensor. Konektivitasnya memakai BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy) 5.0, dengan dukungan baterai 70mAh. Kalian tidak perlu khawatir ketika menggunakan perangkat ini untuk olahraga outdoor. Karena sudah dilengkapi dengan anti air 5 ATM.

  • Harga Galaxy Fit e

Harga Samsung Galaxy Fit-2 2020 masih terbilang murah, yakni Rp599.000. Nominal tersebut sebanding dengan fitur yang tersedia pada perangkat ini. Produk ini memiliki desain yang menarik, meskipun simpel. Dari sisi kenyamanan juga menjadi poin penting, strap atau tali smartband ini memakai material … Read More

Lexington Law Firm Reviews

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Lexington Law Firm Reviews

If you are confused and does not know how to go about repairing your credit so you can have the opportunity to borrow new loans, Lexington Law Firm is the solution to your challenge. They have different packages for their clients to choose their choice; the cheapest of their repair packages go for $89.95/month while the mid-range goes for $109.95 while the third package goes for $129.95 per month depending on how complicated they will have to help you fix things.

With the Lexington Law Firm Reviews that we are about to explain, we would like to explain things a lot better for you to have a better understanding of how they work.

Popularity, history and popularity

For over a decade, Lexington has taken over the mind of the public because of their level of competence. This is what has helped the firm stand more reliable and gain more credibility from the audience.

Personalized support

Detrimental credit repair is something that most clients do not like to discuss in public. In this wise, if you are a new customer, Lexington will assign staff to you that will see into your case and help you keep everything confidential. This credit advisor will have to ask you some questions concerning your credit condition to know how and where to start solving your problems for you.

Customer service hours

Unlike other credit repair companies that only attend to clients only during business hours, Lexington does not operate that way. They allow customers to … Read More

The Potential Effects of The Iraq War on the Election

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The upcoming election has many people wondering exactly how the ‘War on Terror’ will effect the decision for our next President.  With President Bush’s approval ratings taking a nose-dive in recent years it seems as if the American people are ready for a change, and want the troops that have been overseas for so long to be returned home to their families and loved ones.  Many Americans are upset over the length of time the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have dragged on, and with the steadily rising death toll brave soldiers and their families are paying the ultimate sacrifice for something they no longer wish to be a part of.

The military is beginning to feel the effects of the war as well, with almost 4,000 soldiers deserting in 2006 alone, the highest numbers since World War 2.  Many are looking to avoid the war and chaos as much as possible, which leaves the country trying to determine whether another Republican in office is going to make things better, or potentially worse for the country.  As some issues in Iraq are cleaned up, more appear on an almost daily basis, causing the troops return date to be delayed even further.

Many Americans are also highly upset that while the troops are overseas, there is no definite timeframe for withdrawal, and no clear idea of when they will return home.  No timeline has been determined, despite the long duration of military presence in these conflict areas.  People all across the … Read More

Voucher Google Play Bisa Digunakan Untuk Apa Saja?

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Google Play adalah layanan yang bisa dinikmati oleh semua pengguna Android. Seperti diketahui dewasa ini para pengguna ponsel Android peminatnya semakin tinggi saja. Bisa dibilang pasar Android tidak ada matinya malas naik semakin pesat. Ketika Anda memiliki Android tentu terdapat layanan Google Play di sana. Layanan ini bisa diakses semua negara, namun untuk penggunaan produknya ada beberapa yang tidak bisa digunakan secara gratis. Untuk itu Anda membutuhkan yang namanya voucher Google Play.

Nantinya dengan voucher Google Play ini anda jadi bisa mengakses produk-produk berbayar tersebut. Lalu produk apa saja yang bisa dibeli dengan voucher ini? Tentu ada banyak, simak penjelasannya berikut ini.


Dengan voucher Google Play yang anda miliki tentu bisa membeli beragam aplikasi mulai dari game layanan chatting dan beragam konten digital yang dibutuhkan. Tentu semua aplikasi yang bisa anda beli tersebut menjadi sarana hiburan untuk diri sendiri atau teman dan keluarga. Anda tentu sering melihat yang mungkin anda ingin menggunakannya. Dengan voucher ini anda bisa menikmati aplikasi-aplikasi tersebut.


Majalah digital kini lebih populer dibandingkan dengan majalah fisik, dengan menggunakan voucher ini anda tentu bisa berlangganan majalah dan juga mendapatkan konten dari portal berita online. Dibandingkan dengan majalah yang bisa diakses secara gratis tentu dengan membayar Anda bisa mendapatkan benefit lainnya. Tentu banyak ini berbeda-beda di setiap majalah yang anda berlangganan didalamnya. Begitu pula bila anda berlangganan portal berita, bahkan bila beruntung Anda bisa mendapatkan promo menarik dengan berlangganan secara konsisten.


Ebook juga sudah menjadi tren saat ini karena lebih simpel bisa dibawa kemana saja … Read More

Transport Companies?

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Seva Mobil Bekas

Mobile mechanical repairs are a great concept for the car owners in Heidelberg, but it is more so for the road transport operators. In lieu of the recent regulations for road safety within Australia, the operators cannot push their drivers to the extents they earlier used to. But, they get a lion share of the blame when the shipment does not arrive to its destination on time. Though the roads in Australian cities are in great shape, but the same cannot be said about the outback areas. These vast areas are forlorn and when there is a vehicle problem you would not find much help, unless you somehow get to the nearest city and contact a local mechanic. Getting a ride to the nearest city, arriving at the city, getting in touch with the mechanic and bringing him to the spot of breakdown is a long list of activities and it is bound to take a good deal of time.

Time lost on the road cannot be made up by the road transportation operators, as the schedules in themselves are very tight. You can significantly cut down upon this timeframe when a heavy vehicle breaks down with the help of mobile mechanics in Heidelberg. There are reputable mobile mechanical repairs providing companies having many expert mechanics within their ranks. When they receive a distress call from your end, they will enquire about the location of breakdown and nature of problem. An expert mobile mechanic will be sent immediately.

The mobile … Read More